Friday, April 19, 2013

Hanging a Staghorn Fern in a Basket

I bought a staghorn fern when I moved to Colorado. When I lived in Missouri I wanted one for a while but I had never seen them for sale. I began searching for places to buy plants when I got here and I found that our Home Depot sold staghorns! I bought one and since then it has sadly sat in the little plastic pot that it came in. I wanted to mount it and hang it on the wall but I wasn't sure how and most of the kits that I found online to mount it cost too much money. I found that they can be planted in a hanging basket so that is what I decided to do. And here is a tutorial on how to do it.

This is what I used to hang mine. Potting soil, a large spoon, a 10 in. hanging basket with a liner, and a staghorn fern in a 5 in. pot. Make sure the basket you get is considerably larger then your plant so it will have plenty of room to grow and wont get root bound. You can also use some bone meal if you have it, to develop new roots.

You'll want to put a few inches of soil in the bottom of your basket. And if you want, some bone meal on top of that.

You can set your pot on top of the soil in your basket to see if you need more or less soil in the bottom. You don't want your fern roots to be sticking out.

Then take your plant out of the pot. I had to use my spoon to loosten the soil around the plant to get it out. You can also squeeze the pot to loosten it. Once it's out you will want to use your fingers to remove any extra soil from the plant and loosten the roots a little before you plant it.

Next, you will put your fern in the basket and fill the gaps with soil. Don't fill your pot to the top with soil. You will want about half an inch of space at the top so that when you water it the water wont just run over the sides.

Now your staghorn fern is ready to hang! 


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  4. Hi I was wondering, did the stag horn in the basket will get to be like a ball, by going out of the basket or it will be kept just inside ? Can you post a picture of how is it doing?